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AISLADECK is a rigid thermal insulation board for roofs, formulated with polyisocyanurate (P.I.R.) through a foaming process. Type VV is covered on both sides with glass veil, Type BV with glass veil on the underside and
a bitumen finish on the upper side and type AL is covered on both sides with 50-micra aluminium foil.

Technical documentation

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· Excellent thermal conductivity (ʎ).
· Very good dimensional stability.
· High compressive strength.
· Closed-cell structure: negligible water absorption and high resistance to vapour diffusion (µ factor).
· High resistance to freeze-thaw cycles.
· Resistant to ageing.
· Easy to handle and install.
· B-s2-d0 reaction to fire classification. (only for metal deck roof finishing application)
· No CFC content.
· No delamination (owing to their excellent internal cohesion).
· AISLADECK BV board bitumen finished is flame resistant. Thermostable product - Does not melt or drip.
· Advantages of the metal roof deck system with AISLADECK:
- A lightweight roof is obtained (between 10 and 20 Kg/m2, including the weight of the profiled sheet, the Aisladeck thermal insulation boards and the waterproofing, as well as all the fastenings and other auxiliary materials), thus reducing the permanent loads on the structure.
- A roof built in this way is accessible for maintenance, allowing occasional foot traffic of the workers.
- Aisladeck, given its good mechanical rigidity and dimensional stability, offers a solid and stable support for mechanical fastening of waterproofing membranes. This will reduce any possible stress due to wind or foot traffic, and the resulting stress on the waterproofing membrane fasteners.
· AISLADECK is applied as a support for waterproofing mainly on metal and concrete roofs, both on new roofs
and refurbishing.
· When AISLADECK VV or AISLADECK AL are used, waterproofing must be carried out with mechanically
fastened bituminous or synthetic membranes.
· When AISLADECK BV is applied, waterproofing must be carried out with fully bonded bituminous
· The AISLADECK boards are installed end to head in rows. The longer sides of the boards are placed perpendicular to the direction of the grooves of the metal sheet.
· Each AISLADECK board must be secured to the substrate by means of suitable mechanical fasteners. These fasteners are in addition to those used to secure the membrane to the support in the case of mechanical fastening.
· Each complete board is secured with 5 fasteners (2 or 3 if part of a board is used), with washer or suitable surface head.
· For AISLADECK BV the quantity of fasteners should be calculated according to the roof’s heigth and design and wind exposure for each zones of the roof.
Aisladeck VV
Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 25mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 14
m² per Pack: 42

Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 30mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 12
m² per Pack: 36

Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 40mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 9
m² per Pack: 27

Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 50mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 7
m² per Pack: 21

Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 60mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 6
m² per Pack: 18

Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 70mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 5
m² per Pack: 15

Board: 2500 m x 1200 m x 80mm
m² per Board: 3
Boards per Pack: 5
m² per Pack: 15
· Complies EN 13165
· IQNet and AENOR Quality Management System according to ISO:9001

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