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Pale texsa oferta1. Bituminous waterproofing: Waterproofing with APP plastomeric bituminous membranes and SBS elastomeric bituminous membranes are the product of the permanent developments of our research and development teams; also available in self-adhesive. Finished with polyethylene film on both sides or with slate or aluminum self-protection. For horizontal and pitched, traditional or inverted surfaces, and for single or dual layer systems.


SILVER ART TOTAL ADHERENCIA2. Synthetic waterproofing: Waterproofing with PVC membranes -VINITEX PVC- and TPO membranes -TEXSALON TPO-. Our shingles offer various single-layer solutions for roofs, buried walls, and foundations and tanking. Our membranes are specially designed for different supports, and for protected and unprotected surfaces. 40 years of experience and research have placed us in a position as a market leader.


familia liquidas3. Liquid waterproofing: Wide range of acrylic, bitumen-polyurethane, and polyurethane-based waterproofing products that meet all market needs, and are appropriate for various applications: trafficable and non-trafficable roofs, patios, car parks, lodges, bleachers, tanking, canals. 20 years of experience have allowed us to develop our product lines and systems and have enabled us to meet any market needs with the most appropriate solution. All of our liquid waterproofing products are made of resins that, when they cure, form a highly flexible continuous membrane without overlaps or seals, with excellent adherence to surfaces.

Among our waterproofing solutions we must note the TEXTOP, the Texsa solution for details and corners and upstands, perfectly compatible with all of our bituminous membranes and they make something difficult and risky into something safe and reliable.



Pale tecsound 24. Acoustic insulation: Texsa offers a wide range of acoustic insulation both for impact noise: Texsilen and Texfon, and for airborne noise: TECSOUND. The construction systems developed by our teams cover current and future market demands in all possible circumstances.


Drentex1 25. Drainage: Drentex Protect and Protect Plus are made of high-density nodular polyethylene membranes for waterproofing protection and drainage of buried structures. Drentex Impact is made of perforated/non-perforated high-density nodule polystyrene membranes with one or 2 polypropylene geotextiles, for high-performance applications in garden roofs, trafficable roofs with drainage pavement.


Pack rooftex2 26. Geotextiles: Our range of Geotextiles is made with a perforation process with subsequent thermal treatment and calandared, producing non-woven geotextiles. ROOFTEX is made with calibrated, controlled polyester curled fibers, and ROOFTEX V is made with controlled, recycled polyester green fibers. Texxam is our line of polypropylene geotextiles for construction with high resistance to alkalis. Finally, GEOLAND is our line of highly resistant, high tensile Geotextiles made of polypropylene fibres, specially indicated for civil works, tanking, tunnels and roads.


Pale aisladeck 27. Thermal insulation: TEXSA’s line of thermal insulation is made of XPS solutions for roofs that are pitched and flat, traditional and inverted, trafficable and technical, as well as for vertical enclosures with a cavity. Of note is the TEXLOSA insulating and drainage tile, made of a closed-cell extruded polystyrene base bonded to a 35 mm mortar screed top. Tiles ideal for inverted roofs, they protect the waterproofing while also providing thermal insulation and a decorative finish.

AISLADECK is our line of thermal insulation in rigid planks of polyisocyanurate, specially indicated for metal roofs.



Texself caja 28. Accessories: Texsa has all the accessories necessary for the various types of waterproofing and insulation. From primers to adhesives, tubs, reinforcing bands and mounting.




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