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TEXLOSA R is an insulation tile made up of an extruded polystyrene foam base with a closed cell structure, self-protected on the upper side with a 35 mm thick mortar screed, with white or grey rough, rustic finish.

Technical documentation

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· Excellent thermal conductivity (λ)
· Closed-cell insulation: minimum water absorption and high resistance to vapour diffusion (μ factor)
· Thickness uniformity of the insulation layer
· Good compressive resistance
· High resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
· The permeable concrete layer protects the entire insulation layer
· Drainage through the permeable concrete and edges
· Ageing-resistant
· Easy to handle and install. Insulation and finishing layer all in one product
· In addition to the advantages of an inverted roof system, it offers a permeable concrete finish which allows for easy maintenance
· Easy access to the waterproofing layer in case of repair.
• Trafficable flat roofs
• Technical roofs
• Refurbishing of roofs, and in general, difficult to access sites
• Direct support of small machinery
• Construction of walkways and access areas to
machinery on roofs finished with rounded gravel.
• The insulating slab TEXLOSA R, is installed loose laid direct on top of the separation layer (geotextile) which protect the waterproofing against puncturing. Do not use hammer or another abrasive tool for installation.
• Install TEXLOSA R starting by one of the perimeters, placing the slabs side by side getting the first row
• Continue placing the second row and the next ones butted up against each other.
• We recommend to design the placing of TEXLOSA prior the installation, in case of the slabs don’t fit entirely, it can be cut to required size and shape with a radial saw. The length shouldn’t be less that half of the slabs. When this is not possible, the left-over piece must be installed towards the centre. It could be also design by letting a perimeter band of gravel avoiding cutting TEXLOSA.
• At slope variations, roof hips and valleys, the mortar must be cut with a radial arm saw along the line of slope variation, to avoid the appearance of cracks.
• Use a proper geotextile (at least 300 g/m²) to get a soft and spring effect and avoid cracking on the mortar layer, the support must be smooth and even.
• Leave 5mm dilatation joints distance to penetrations or different elements over passing the roof.
• Rainwater runoff takes place at two levels: waterproofing lever, and the greater part along the surface of the mortar screed. At the outlets, the slabs are perforated according to the drain geometry, using traditional tools.
Slab: 600 mm x 600 mm
• Quality Management System according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 standard
• TEXLOSA is not a decorative product, by their nature mortar screed can change in appearance over time or it can present some cement spots. IT can present colour differences between slabs. This condition no decrease in their properties.
• The slab must work always by compressive strength (horizontal placed for the specified use) avoiding the separation of its layers.
• The placement of equipment or additional charges over the TEXLOSA must be made so that the load is distributed, never punctual and avoid the support over the edges especially. Samples could not match up exactly with the finish product.
• Samples may not match exactly with the product supplied.
• It should not be used on a trafficable roof with an intense pedestrians traffic. Not for public areas.
• TEXLOSA tiles must be transported on pallets until needed. Always handle pallets mechanically. They should be handled and transported carefully to avoid breakage.




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