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Flexible two component waterproofing slurry
TEXSALASTIC is a ready-to-use, flexible, two-component slurry. It consists of component A: a special liquid synthetic resin dispersion and component B: powder, a blend of selected filling materials mixed with well-graded sands. A product with unique properties for efficient waterproofing.

Technical documentation

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- The very fine synthetic dispersion endows the compound with excellent adhesion to concrete, natural and artificial stone, wood, steel, galvanized sheet metal, copper, asphalt, marble, plastic surfaces, glass etc.
- The high content of the dispersed synthetic resin particles results in high flexibility for a cement-based material and in the ability to bridge hairline cracks.
- Bridges larger cracks with the aid of reinforcement mat.
- Resistant to water pressure (positive and negative) and offers constant protection from water under pressure or not.
- Resistant to weathering in temperatures from -30oC to +90oC.
- Water vapor permeable.
- Thixotropic, does not flow on vertical surfaces.
- Does not contain chloride or other corrosive salts which cause blooming.
TEXSALASTIC can be used, due to its special properties, for any kind of waterproofing:
- Waterproofing of new and old buildings
- Interior and exterior waterproofing
- Horizontal and vertical surfaces below and above the ground
- Waterproof coatings of potable water reservoirs
- Parking areas, garages and ramps
- Cesspools
- Fully accessible roofings, foundations, support walls
- Water pools, jardinieres
- Basements, tunnels, elevator shafts
- Resistant to UV rays.
The surface application must be clean without any loose materials. The substrate should be slightly wet before the application but free of any water puddles. Substrate temperature must be between +5oC and +35oC.
Mixing ratio:
Α (Liquid):Β (powder) 1:2.6 w/w
The mixing ratio can reach up to 1:4 w/w. for application with spatula.
Pour about ¾ of component Α (liquid) in an empty can.
Add slowly component Β (powder).
Stir constantly and uninterruptedly with a low speed agitator until the mixture is fully homogeneous, without lumps.
Then, add the rest of the component Α into the mixture and stir again.
Apply the well-mixed TEXSALASTIC slurry with brush or broom onto the prepared surface in 2-3 layers. Each consequent layer can be applied as soon as the preceding one is dry enough to be touched, i.e., tack-free (ca. 4-5 hours, depending on the ambient temperature).
- Each TEXSALASTIC layer should be protected after the application against heavy wind and intense sunlight. This way a homogeneous hardening and waterproofing are achieved.
- The thickness of every layer should be max 1 mm.
- The hardening time depends on the temperature conditions. The applied TEXSALASTIC is walkable after 1 day at 20oC. It can be mechanically strained after 3 days. After 7 days it reaches its full hardening and is ready to come into permanent contact with water.
- After the end of the works, wash all tools with plenty of water.
Component A can be stored for at least 12 months from production date in the original pail, in a cool environment protected from frost and direct sunlight.
Component B can be stored for at least 12 months from production date, in its original package protected from humidity.
Component A (liquid): Cans of 10 kg.
Component B (powder): Sacks of 26 kg.
Application by brush or roller: 1.6 kg per m2 and layer 1 mm thick.
The product is certified according to EN 1504-2 (Concrete Protection Systems), in categories 1.3-Ingress Protection (IP), 2.2-Moisture Control (MC) and 8.2-Increasing Resistivity (IR).
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
EU REGULATION 2004/42: According to Directive 2004/42/EU (Annex II, Table A), the maximum allowed content of VOC (Product Category i / Type WB) is 140 g/L (limits of 2010) for the final product. The final TEXSALASTIC contains max <140 g/L.




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