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Waterproof, single-component, liquid reactive polyurethane-based resin, which cures in contact with humidity and has excellent weathering-resistance. A versatile membrane with a wide range of uses as an integral part of liquid-based waterproofing systems, for trafficable roofs, terraces, patios, etc.

Technical documentation

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  • Advantages
  • Application
  • Installation
  • Storage
  • Regulations
  • Precautions
•Liquid membrane adaptable to irregular geometric shapes
•Continuous membrane, without joints or overlaps and completely adhered
•Easy to apply: single component, roller, brush or airless equipment
•Elastic and flexible membrane, 100% waterproof
•Excellent adherence to the majority of substrates after using the appropriate primer
•Resistant to ponded water
•Completely stable when in contact with alkalis that are present in the concrete
•Not emulsifiable, TEXPUR can be in permanent contact with water
•Rapid drying and quick set up
•Once cured it is waterproof
•Excellent dynamic crack bridging capabilities, even at low temperatures
• In liquid-based waterproofing systems on roofs, as a waterproofing membrane
• In liquid-based waterproofing systems on visitable and trafficable terraces (pedestrians or vehicles)
• Balconies as a waterproofing membrane
• Protection of polyurethane insulating foam
• Protection of metal, aluminium, fibre cement roofs or cement tiles
• Waterproofing irrigation canals
• Waterproofing of difficult access areas, as part of the system
• Protection of underwater concrete constructions.
• In re-waterproofing and reroofing jobs.
- The surface needs to be clean, dry and free of any contamination, which may harmfully affect the adhesion of the membrane. Careful surface preparation is essential for optimum finish and durability.
- Maximum moisture content should not exceed 5%.
- New concrete structures need to dry for at least 28 days.
- Old, loose coatings, dirt, fats, oils, organic substances and dust need to be removed by a grinding machine.
- Any loose surface pieces and grinding dust need to be thoroughly removed.
- Possible surface irregularities need to be smoothened.
- Do not wash surface with water.
- The careful sealing of existing cracks and joints before the application is extremely important for long lasting waterproofing results. Clean concrete cracks and hairline cracks, of dust, residue or other contamination. Prime locally with the TEXPRIMER and allow 2-3 hours to dry. Fill all prepared cracks with sealant. Then apply a layer of TEXPUR, 200mm wide centered over all cracks and while wet, cover with a correct cut stripe of the TEXTIL. Press it to soak. Then saturate the TEXTIL with enough TEXPUR, until it is fully covered. Allow 12 hours to cure.
- Clean concrete expansion joints and control joints of dust, residue or other contamination. Widen and deepen joints (cut open) if necessary. The prepared movement joint should have a depth of 10-15 mm. The width: depth ratio of the movement joint should be at a rate of approx. 2:1. Apply some sealant on the bottom of the joint only. Then with a brush, apply a stripe layer of TEXPUR, 200mm wide centered over and inside the joint. Place the TEXTIL over the wet coating and with a suitable tool, press it deep inside the joint, until it is soaked and the joint is fully covered from the inside. Then fully saturate the fabric with enough TEXPUR. Then place a polyethylene cord of the correct dimensions inside the joint and press it deep inside onto the saturated fabric. Fill the remaining free space of the joint with sealant. Do not cover. Allow 12 hours to cure.
- Prime absorbent surfaces like concrete, cement screed or wood with TEXPRIMER.
- Prime non-absorbent surfaces like metal, ceramic tiles and old coatings with TEXPRIMER.
- Allow the primer to cure according its technical instruction.
- Stir well before using. Poor the TEXPUR onto the primed surface and lay it out by roller or brush, until all surface is covered. You can use airless spray allowing a considerable saving of manpower.
- Reinforce always with the TEXTIL at problem areas, like wall-floor connections, chimneys, pipes, waterspouts (siphon), etc. In order to do that, apply on the still wet TEXPUR a correct cut piece TEXTIL, press it to soak, and saturate again with enough TEXPUR. For detailed application instructions with the TEXTIL, contact our R+D department. After 12 hours (not later than 36 hours) apply another layer of the TEXPUR. If desired apply a third layer of the TEXPUR.
- RECOMMENDATION: We recommend reinforcement of the entire surface, with the TEXTIL. Use 5-10cm stripe overlapping. If the TEXPUR is applied without the Fabric reinforcement we recommend a three-layer application.
- ATTENTION: Do not apply the TEXPUR over 0.6 mm thickness (dry film) per layer. For best results, the temperature during application and cure should be between 5ºC and 35ºC. Low temperatures retard cure while high temperature speed up curing. High humidity may affect the final finish
- If a color stable and chalking-free surface is desired, apply one or two layers of the TEXCAP C/T over the TEXTPUR. The application of the TEXCAP C, is specially required, if a dark final color, is desired. (e.g. red, grey, green, etc.)
- If a medium duty, wear resistant surface is desired (e.g.balconies), apply two layers of the TEXCAP C/T.
- For the several Top-Coats application procedures, please consult their technical instructions or contact our R+D Department.
- WARNING: The TEXPUR is slippery when wet. In order to avoid slipperiness during wet days, sprinkle (TEXSA SILICI FINA/GRUESA) suitable aggregates onto the still wet coating to create an anti-slip surface. Please contact our R+D Dept. for more details.
Pack 4 drums 6 Kg. / pallet 36 boxes with 4 drums = 144 drums
Drum 25 kg / pallet 36 drums
Colours: Grey and Red
1 year in the original plastic packaging.
· TEXPUR has an ETA (European Technical Assessment) 14/0484 for liquid applied PUR waterproofing kits, which allows for CE marking.
· Manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.
· Contains isocyanates.
· Review manufacturer information, especially the health and safety fact sheet.




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